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  • BNET - Broadband Tactical MANET IP Software Defined Radio (SDR)

    BNET is an advanced IP MANET (Mobile Ad-hoc Network) SDR (Software Defined Radio) for tactical operations. With unique high spectrum efficiency, as well as cognitive capabilities, the BNET offers exceptional IP connectivity, enhancing the exchange of information on the battlefield. Using Multi Channel Reception (MCR) technology, BNET is providing simultaneous voice, data and video communication. BNET is a major breakthrough in capacity, scalability, low latency and quality of service. BNET …
  • Litening – Targeting and Navigation Pod

    Litening is an innovative airborne infra-red targeting and navigation pod for fighter aircraft with high accuracy and reliability. The Litening pod has wide-range operational capabilities: Detection, recognition, identification and laser designation of air-to-ground and maritime targets, accurate delivery of LGB, scene matching and GPS-guided munitions, low level night flights, as well as laser spot detection and tracking, identification of aerial targets and laser target illumination for joint …
  • Next Generation Jammer (NGJ)

    • Hall 3 495a
    Raytheon Intelligence & Space's Next Generation Jammer Mid-Band is an advanced electronic attack system that denies, disrupts and degrades enemy technology, including communication tools and air-defense systems. Built with a combination of agile, active electronically scanned arrays and an all-digital back end, it gives E/A-18 GROWLER pilots an edge in the hotly contested electromagnetic spectrum.
  • RecceLite – Tactical Reconnaissance Pod

    The RecceLite is a self-contained self-cooled multi-sensor tactical reconnaissance system, consisting of an airborne pod based on the Litening Targeting and Navigation Pod and a ground exploitation station (see picture below). The RecceLite simultaneously collects Infra-Red (IR) and Visual (VIS and near IR) digital images within a very wide field of regard, in accordance with an automatic mission plan and/or manual operation. The images and the data annotation are recorded on a solid state …

    SPIKE NLOS Missile Weapon System is a true force multiplier enabling engagement of targets up to 30 km in day, night and adverse weather. The system provides the upgraded helicopter with the unique ability to engage targets at significant stand-off range with no line of sight. The SPIKE NLOS weapon system can be operated in either direct attack upon target detection using LOBL (Lock-on Before Launch) Mode or firing from stand off in automatic navigation mode based on operator or target acqu…