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    START PAC is the leading global manufacturer for reliable and cost effective ground support equipment. With more than 60 products in the START PAC line and having sold in more than 70 countries, START PAC is able to meet the requirements of 98% of business and military aircraft. START PAC is the only company to manufacture a line of safe lithium ion engine starting units for the last 13 years and has more than 60 years of engineering expertise in house to develop specialized equipment for new ap…

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    Model START PAC GREEN®, the first 100% battery powered free running GPU Patent pending The START PAC GREEN® is designed to replace diesel power units GPU (Ground Power Units) providing the same service in a greener environment. This GPU is entirely battery powered and does not require an internal combustion engine for power. It will allow airports to make another step towards the airport carbon accreditation programme for reduced CO2 emissions. Such a GPU would allow to reach NetZero2050 goal. …
  • Motor Sich JSC

    is among the largest in the world and the only enterprise in Ukraine manufacturing engines for airplanes and helicopters as well as industrial gas turbine installations. MOTOR SICH JSC incorporates several structural units located in Ukraine.
  • Bremes Quinn

    Networker of WTW Tracking Antennas LLC
  • Erich Hahn

    Networker of Carlisle Brake & Friction
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    Looking for partners in Europe for carbon brake development Steel and Carbon brake components, heat stacks, friction linings, life extension shims