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  • Additive Fertigung (SLM-Technologie)

    Kompetenter Lösungsanbieter für mittlere und grosse Serien in der additiven Fertigung von Metallteilen mit SLM-Technologie (Selective Laser Melting). Wir bieten Ihnen als Systemanbieter eine Technologieberatung, das Produktdesign und die Produktion von anspruchsvollen, additiv gefertigten Bauteilen für die Industrie, Medizinaltechnik und Luftfahrt aus einer Hand an. Sehr komplexe Geometrien wirtschaftlich herstellen (complexity for free) Redesign, Gewichtsreduktion, Funktionen ins Bauteil verla…
  • Advanced materials and carbon-fiber poducts

    Yuzhnoye State Design Office has considerable experience in design and development of components of carbon, fiber and composite materials for: heat protection of spacecrast and rockets; bearing stuctures in spacecrafs; oxidizer/propellant and gas storages; other products. Cooperation with leading scientific organizations allows to provide edging technologies and individual project development.
  • Aerobits Sp.z.o.o.

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    • UAS UAS
    Aerobits is a technological company specialised in avionics miniaturisation. We provide currently the smallest and fastest implementation of the ADS-B traffic surveillance system. Our solutions are dedicated for UAS platforms, UTM and U-Space design.
  • Aerospace Consulting and Project Management Solutions

    Product of Top Aces Inc.
    Discovery Air Defence provides a unique combination of support, management and technical services to the aerospace sector. Discovery Air Defence Consultants The DA Defence team consists of 27 highly skilled, experienced professionals who have been directly involved in the aviation industry for several decades. All are former military officers from the Canadian, United States and British forces: former pilots, engineers, air weapons controllers, project directors, and project managers …
  • Aircraft Management System

    Product of Top Aces Inc.
    Discovery Air Defence understand that rigorous management of aircraft assets is essential to a successful and sustainable air operation. The ability to maximize required flying hours with the required number of aircraft for each launch requires strategic long term maintenance planning and careful scheduling. DA Defence follows sophisticated fleet management practices. On a constant basis, all aircraft are in operation simultaneously to serve its customer. The successful performance record demons…
  • Lyudmyla Bardakova

    Networker of Yuzhnoye State Design Office
    Manager, Business Development International Cooperation Division
  • Bell Helicopters & Helicopter Services

    Product of RUAG Schweiz AG
    Proven and reliable aircraft availability The Fleet of Bell UH-1D operated by the German Air Force is maintained fully by RUAG Aviation at its location in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany. RUAG Aviation is in charge of the maintenance and service work, including engineering tasks, modifications, upgrades, system-integrations and logistics management. In the Structural Life Extension Program, RUAG Aviation eliminated typical corrosion, wearout and aging damage of the Bell UH-1D. In 2009 RUAG Aviation r…
  • Pirmin Berger

    Contact person of RUAG Schweiz AG
    Head of Marketing & Communication RUAG Aviation
  • Thomas Bernhard

    Networker of Flükiger & Co AG
    Geschäftskontakte im Bereich Gesenkschmiedeteile für Luft- und Raumfahrt. Unser Kerngeschäft sind Gesenkschmiedestücke von 0,1 kg bis 200 kg Gewicht sowie Stauchteile (Wellen, Flansche, Hülsen) und Freiformschmiedeteile. Aus Stahl, Inox, Kupfer, Aluminium, Titan und Inconel werden Gesenkschmiedeteile von 0,1 bis 200 kg und Freiformschmiedestücke bis 500 kg hergestellt. Für Prototypen, klein- und mittelgrosse Serien (ca. 10‘000 Stk.) können wir Ihnen durch kurze Lieferzeiten, hohe Flexibilität u…
  • Daniel Blotenkämper

    Networker of Poland Consulting Services Sp. z o.o.
    Managing Director
    I offer market analysis, market entry support and export consulting for Poland.
  • Marketing und PR Manager Zbigniew Budych

  • Konrad Cioch

    Contact person of Aerobits Sp.z.o.o.
    Sales manager