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  • Aerobits Sp.z.o.o.

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    Aerobits is a technological company specialised in avionics miniaturisation. We provide currently the smallest and fastest implementation of the ADS-B traffic surveillance system. Our solutions are dedicated for UAS platforms, UTM and U-Space design.
  • Daniel Blotenkämper

    Networker of Poland Consulting Services Sp. z o.o.
    Managing Director
    I offer market analysis, market entry support and export consulting for Poland.
  • Konrad Cioch

    Contact person of Aerobits Sp.z.o.o.
    Sales manager
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  • Sales Director Konrad Cioch

    Sales Director
    1) Currently looking for prospects with abilities and motiviation to push the UAV market boundries further with new tecghnologies who will be willing to start integration of the micro ADS-B receivers/tranceivers on both the UAVs and GCS. 2) At the same time looking for ground airport solution providers who see potential in replacing the heavy ADS-B equipment with low cost low weight devices. 3) Companies with a view on how micro ADS-B technology can influence the future development of the ATC/…
  • Vice Chairman of the Board MARCIN KROKOWSKI

    Networker of Aeroklub Zaglebia Miedziowego