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  • dr. songjie liu

  • Nathanial Long

    Networker of RadioBro Corporation
    Managing Director, European Headquarters
    -Flight test organizations -Airframe modifiers -A COTS DAQ system for certifying new or modified airframes from UAS to satellites
  • Miguel Lordelo

    Networker of VisionSpace Technologies GmbH
    - Satellite Integrators - CubeSat Integrators - Ground Station Network Providers - End-to-End Ground Segment Infrastructure - Mission Support Validation - Satellite Operations Services - Spacecraft Engineering Support - Software Development
  • Forum Luft- und Raumfahrt Baden-Württemberg e.V.

    ILA Berlin 2018
    • Aviation Aviation
    • Space Space
    • Defense and Security Defense and Security
    • Supplier Supplier
    • Special Features Special Features
    • ISC (25 - 27 April)
    LR BW represents the aerospace industry in Baden-Württemberg. With our networking activity, we increase the global competing power of local companies – with special focus on the mediumsize supplier industry.
  • Dipl. Ing. (FH) Michael Marschner

    Networker of tfc tools for composite GmbH
    sales director
    Hersteller von Leichtbaustrukturen (2D und 3D) aller Art unter Anwendung von faserverstärkten Kunststoffen Entwicklung und Produktion von carbon- und/oder glasfaserverstärkten Kunststoffen. Wir fertigen je nach Kundenwunsch individuelle Komponenten vom Prototypen bis hin zu Serienbauteilen
  • Petar Matunovic

    Contact person of Composite Technology Team
    ILA Berlin 2018
  • Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Daniel Mazzucco

    Networker of ITK Engineering AG
    SW Engineering
    Businesses requiring support in the areas of Feedback Control Systems Design, SW Engineering, Verification & Validation, as well as Process Improvement / Consulting related to safety critical SW and Systems Development (focusing on EUROCAE ED-12C / RTCA DO-178C and respective supplements) - Developing simulation models of complex control system structures in Matlab / Simulink - Design of closed loop control law algorithms (e.g. for flight control system, actuator) - System prototyping, opti…
  • UAV Specialist Niels Christian Moen

    UAV Specialist
    UAV manufacturers and networkers interested in hyperspectral imaging systems with real-time processing and detecting capability. Our latest product release is a scientific grade hyperspectral imaging system especially made for UAVs. Mjolnir-1240 is a generic payload which can be integrated on any professional grade drone with sufficient payload capacity (currently 7,5 kg for our VNIR system). We have developed a real-time processing software running on the on-board computer in the Mjolnir ca…
  • Dennis Moore

    Networker of SCISYS Deutschland GmbH
    Business Development Manager
    Open for interesting ideas | networking | space and especially satellite industry | potential collaboration partners | interested people who are conducting or planning space missions | We are a great partner for your endeavours! | Competence and experience in consulting | sophisticated and established software solutions | highly flexible | we will find a solution that works for you |
  • Moscow Institute Physics & Technology State University

    Russian Federation
    ILA Berlin 2018
  • Sven Müncheberg

    Networker of Mynaric Lasercom GmbH
    Head of Business Development
    Free-space optical laser communication for airborne, space and ground applications
  • Co-CEO Roy Neuman

    Networker of Mechano-Deen Ltd.
    OEM or Tier 1/2 aircraft structure and avionic subassemblies manufacturers seeking an experienced machined parts supplier. We offer low cost high precision machined items and sub-assemblies for OEM and Aerospace players. A qualified and mature AS9100D certified, highly advanced and automated manufacturing systems machine shop. Established proficiency and expertize in machining of Titanium parts. We currently deliver parts and sub-assemblies designated to numerous projects including Boeing 787, …