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  • Masaru Uji

    General Manager (Space)
    visiting company for networking with Japanese space companies
  • Konrad Waldöstl

  • Markus Wellmann

    Networker of AEP Economic & Business Development
    Director – European Office
    Companies with short-, medium and long-term plans expanding into North America Economic & Business Development From site selection to community development, we manage every step of the process to help your business find the right location for your facilities in the US.The expansive AEP region – within 11 business-friendly states – has a unique combination of assets: strong infrastructure, available workforce and direct access to raw materials. Among others our services, offered confidentially…
  • Yuri Yano

    Networker of Tamagawa-Seiki CO.,LTD.
    Group Leader
  • Andrea Zimmermann

    Networker of Apleona HSG AS GmbH - Alpensektor
    Account Manager
    Ich suche Kontakte zu Unternehmen, für die wir gemeinsam die Vermarktung ihrer innovativen und sensiblen Produkte realisieren können. Full-Service mit über 40 Jahren Erfahrung in der Luftfahrt- und Verteidigungsbranche: Design, Event, Film & Foto, Text & Marketing – und Medientechnik. Beratung, Konzeption, Kreation, Organisation & Planung, Budgetierung & Steuerung. Realisation & Produktion