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  • Advanced materials and carbon-fiber poducts

    Yuzhnoye State Design Office has considerable experience in design and development of components of carbon, fiber and composite materials for: heat protection of spacecrast and rockets; bearing stuctures in spacecrafs; oxidizer/propellant and gas storages; other products. Cooperation with leading scientific organizations allows to provide edging technologies and individual project development.
  • Lyudmyla Bardakova

    Networker of Yuzhnoye State Design Office
    Manager, Business Development International Cooperation Division
  • Engines

    Yuzhnoye State Design Office develops rocket engines for all of launch vehicle stages, which are able to carry commercial loads to all the Earth orbits as well as to the Moon orbit.
  • Ground complexes

    Our company's experience and long-time international cooperation allows us to provide turn-key solutions in design and development of ground complexes for different types of launch vehicles.
  • Launch vehicles

    Yuzhnoye SDO offers wide range of launch vehicles able to deliver commercial cargo up to 75 tons to different Earth orbits and up to 20 tons to the Moon orbit.
  • Low thrust propulsion systems (spacecraft and LV upper stages)

    Yuzhnoye State Design Office develops low thrust propulsion systems for launch vehicle and spacecraft control and maneuring.
  • Satellites and components

    Yuzhnoye State Design Office designs and develops Earth remote sensing satellites with medium- and high-resolution equipment.
  • Spacecraft components

    Yuzhnoye State Design Office designs and develops components for spacecraft at customer's request.
  • Yuzhnoye State Design Office

    • Space Space
    Yuzhnoye State Design Office is one of the well-known and recognized scientific and design organizations on development of space rocketry, together with its partners it designs and provides turnkey complex space projects. Activity of Yuzhnoye SDO is aimed at perfection in launch vehicles, creation of spacecraft, ground complexes development, providing commercial services on spacecraft launching. Our persistent experience and partnership with outstanding international companies allows u…