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  • Air Covers Ltd.

    United Kingdom
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    Laser scan and 3D modelling to create perfect-fitting protective covers using the latest technical textiles. Suppliers to civil operators and defence agencies of the UK, Germany, US, Spain, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, UAE, Saudi and 12 more worldwide.
  • Dipl.Ing, Michael Frimann

    Networker of Frimann InnoSwiss
    CEO, Dipl.Ing.
    Interested parts, investor, business partner. Patent-pending innovation for various portable and stationary (pre)heating purposes, based on CO2 neutral energy. German design-patent protected on-board concept for minimizing wear on aircraft tires and recover waste energy.
  • Szidonia Hajdu

    Networker of Industry Europe
    Deputy Editor
    We are the official media partners for the ILA Berlin show and we’re working on a major project with BDLI and Messe Berlin in our business magazine ‘Industry Europe’. We’ll be focusing on Aerospace & Defence sector and as a result of this we are dedicating a large part of our magazine to the ILA Berlin Show and the companies attending where we are offering a variety of different advertising spaces next to the Messe Berlin advert which is promoting the show.
  • John Pattinson

    Contact person of Air Covers Ltd.
    • Hall 3 231
    Aircraft maintainers, operators and owners We have a tested and proven capability to reduce your maintenance burden and increase your aircraft availability
  • Kim Kian Wee

    Assistant Director, Training and Innovation
    Looking for partnerships with any organisation in the provision of new services to the aviation industry.