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  • Air Covers Ltd.

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    Laser scan and 3D modelling to create perfect-fitting protective covers using the latest technical textiles. Suppliers to civil operators and defence agencies of the UK, Germany, US, Spain, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, UAE, Saudi and 12 more worldwide.
  • Charlotte Blatge

    International Technical Sales Representative
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  • Liz Novoselova

    Networker of Aviation Week Network
    Account Manager, Aviation Week Intelligence & Data Services
  • John Pattinson

    Contact person of Air Covers Ltd.
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    Aircraft maintainers, operators and owners We have a tested and proven capability to reduce your maintenance burden and increase your aircraft availability
  • Ronny Popp

    Head of Business Development
    • Companies that want to know End of Life aircraft disposed of professionally to take them out of your bookkeeping. • Airports that need to get rid of parked aircraft for safety reasons. • Airlines that require parts of end-of-life machines or want to disassemble their machines but keep some parts. • End-of-life service • Dismantling service • Second Life Spare Parts • Security risk disposal • Disassembly for transport