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  • José Montero

    Networker of Traducciones Técnicas Aerópolis
    Translation Director
    Translation services for aerospace companies. Native revision of texts written by non-native.
  • Yuhei Urabe

    Networker of Tenchijin
    Business Development Manager
    Agriculture players such as pesticide company, seed company, farmers to collaborate with. Satellite data providers to collaborate, especially high resolution optical data, SAR data etc. For farmers, Land evaluation for maximise profit par field For other agribusiness players, support to sell product and solution to farmers by providing land evaluation data.
  • Nabil Moghib

    Networker of planestream - Endlich versteht Dich jemand.
    Partner für Werbung und Kommunikation. Stories, Menschen, Technik und Begeisterung zur filmischen Umsetzung. Partner, die ihr Geschichten mit uns erzählen. Das erste deutschsprachige Filmportal rund um die Luftfahrt. Contentmarketing, Storytelling, Filme und Video zum Thema Luftfahrt. Journalismus auf höchstem Niveau.
  • Anna Chechik

    Networker of Aviasalon, MAKS-2019
    Project manager
    We are inviting exhibitors, delegations, business visitors and guests to International aviation and space salon MAKS-2019 which will be held in Moscow region, Russia, from 23 till 28 of July, 2019.
  • Pietari Valtonen

    Networker of Bohemian tales s.r.o.
  • Szidonia Hajdu

    Networker of Industry Europe
    Deputy Editor
    We are the official media partners for the ILA Berlin show and we’re working on a major project with BDLI and Messe Berlin in our business magazine ‘Industry Europe’. We’ll be focusing on Aerospace & Defence sector and as a result of this we are dedicating a large part of our magazine to the ILA Berlin Show and the companies attending where we are offering a variety of different advertising spaces next to the Messe Berlin advert which is promoting the show.
  • Managing Director Peter Rudolph

    Networker of ASBU for Future GmbH
    Managing Director
    New business opportunities and partners to supplement the network. Research and implementation support activities for (1) ICAO ASBU Implementation, (2) Transition from AIS to AIM, (3) Performance Based Navigation concepts, (4) Aeronautical Database Concepts, Aeronautical Data Process set-up, (5) Euroepan funding application support.
  • Linda Dithmer

    Projekt Manager
  • Angela Roth

    Networker of Airbus
  • Jan Brubacher

    Networker of expoSTAGE GmbH - organizer of expoAIR
    Head of Marketing at expoAIR
    Networker, experts, speakers and exhibitors for expoAIR – the industry gathering in Bavaria for future-oriented technologies and manufacturing 4.0 – We illuminate and analyze challenges for the supply industry in the aerospace and defense markets. Industry gathering, lectures, and B2B meetings for OEM suppliers as well as developers and manufacturers with a regional focus on Bavaria, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  • Mark Patterson

  • Lajka Birkedal Hollesen

    Co-owner and Partner
    Business partners, networking, knowledge sharing, new input and inspiration. High quality translation and localization services for many sectors and areas with an emphasis on tech and new industries.