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Sales Director Konrad Cioch

Sales Director
Unmanned aircraft systems UAS

Phone / Fax:
Phone: +48500501305
Mobile: +48500501305


Ul. Jagiellońska 20-21
70-363 Szczecin
West Pomerania

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Aerobits is a technological company specialised in avionics miniaturisation. Our hardware and software solutions are dedicated, in particular, to the wide market of Unmanned Aircraft Systems. Their use paves the way to UAS integration in the airspace, according to the planned strategy of aviation authorities.

Aerobits technology is currently the smallest and fastest implementation of the ADS-B air traffic monitoring system in the world, weighing only 2g. With the enormous level of miniaturisation, the powerful computational capacities were retained, ensuring parallel support of many time-critical processes.

Our newest product is an interesting development OEM platform (integrated on the PCB level), intended for implementation of CD&R (Conflict Detection and Resolution) methods.

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Looking for

1) Currently looking for prospects with abilities and motiviation to push the UAV market boundries further with new tecghnologies who will be willing to start integration of the micro ADS-B receivers/tranceivers on both the UAVs and GCS. 2) At the same time looking for ground airport solution providers who see potential in replacing the heavy ADS-B equipment with low cost low weight devices. 3) Companies with a view on how micro ADS-B technology can influence the future development of the ATC/ATM/UTM.


Offering the smallest and most comprehensive ADS-B receiver on the market. With just 2g and less than 4cm2 t makes possible implementations endless. Can be used on the ground as a GCS, in the UAV or simply a pocket tool for sky monitoring.