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Representative Director Hideki Sembokuya

Representative Director and President

Phone / Fax:
Phone: +81-45-851-2480
Fax: +81-45-851-5415


41 Higashimatano-cho, Totsuka-ward

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Our technology, cultivated through the manufacturing of press dies/molds for electrical components in automobiles and aerospace, enables us to cope with orders for precision processing of prototypes or small lot parts using various NC machines for a short delivery time. Our process is supported by the fusion of skill hands and computer controlled machines.

We have our own unique technologies; especially for the prototypes of aluminum die-casting product. Most popular aluminum alloy for die-castings are ADC12(JIS), AlSi12Cu2Fe(ISO), 383.0(ASTM), and AC-46000(Germany). Our original aluminum is composed of the same materials as ADC12. Furthermore, our aluminum block is VOIDLESS (no cavity) and good for machining or cutting.
We also installed a metal 3D printing machine, Concept Laser M2. We can print and post-process metalic materials in 316L stainless steel and aluminum alloy.

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Prototype of die-cast parts manufactured by machining Prototype manufacturing: transport-related parts Small lot part manufacturing: aerospace field Micro-machining: Parts for electronic & optical equipment, and precision machines Optic-related and other jigs & tools,