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Product description

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. designed and produces the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) P-1 fixed wing maritime patrol aircraft. The P-1 is a newly designed fixed-wing maritime patrol aircraft with the following features.

The P-1 was developed as an advanced orthodox maritime patrol aircraft with an emphasis on ASW (anti-submarine warfare), and is the successor to the JMSDF P-3C. The P-1 contributes to Japanese wide-area maritime defense in an array of various missions.


The P-1 is especially suited for low-altitude ASW with its large wing and spacious fuselage.

-Flight Performance-
The P-1 combines performance at both high-altitude/high-speed and low-altitude/low-speed with its new high-bypass ratio two-spool turbofan engines specifically designed for maritime patrol aircraft which achieves world top-class reductions in fuel consumption and noise.

-Mission System-
The P-1 is equipped with a variety of high-performance sensor systems and an advanced Combat Direction System.

-Weapon System-
The P-1 has sufficient load capacity for mission equipment and armament.

The first P-1 aircraft was delivered to the JMSDF in 2013.

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Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd.


Exhibitor profile

Changing Forward

Kawasaki has been introducing diverse products forth into wide-ranging business fields such as energy & environment facilities, industrial machinery and transportation system centering on aircraft, based on the innovative and advanced technologies.

Especially in the aerospace sector, Kawasaki is one of the leading companies in Japan with its international competitiveness in quality, production efficiencies and on time delivery.

As one of the leading business unit of Kawasaki, Aerospace Company has been active in diverse knowledge-intensive aviation programs in defense and commercial sectors based on its accumulated technological base.

In the defense business, Kawasaki has been playing a major role as the prime contractor for the Japan's Ministry of Defense on the various development programs including P-1 Maritime Patrol Aircraft, C-2 Transport Aircraft, as well as the manufacturing programs such as MCH-101 Airborne Mine Countermeasure.

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