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Product description

Litening is an innovative airborne infra-red targeting and navigation pod for fighter aircraft with high accuracy and reliability. The Litening pod has wide-range operational capabilities: Detection, recognition, identification and laser designation of air-to-ground and maritime targets, accurate delivery of LGB, scene matching and GPS-guided munitions, low level night flights, as well as laser spot detection and tracking, identification of aerial targets and laser target illumination for joint missions.

Litening utilizes a high performance 3rd gen. IR sensor for day and night targeting and a CCD camera for improved daytime operation. It comprises an eye safe dual wavelength Diode Pump Laser (DPL) designator for precise weapon delivery. An inertial tracker provides accurate tracking and automatic alignment to aircraft system’s line of sight during obscuration and high aircraft maneuvering.

Litening is adaptable to all aircraft and serves as a force multiplier; as part of an upgrade package. It is easily integrated on any aircraft and possesses high growth potential.

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Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.


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RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. is synonymous with Dynamic Defense, Daring Innovation, and Technological Ingenuity. For over 70 years, the Company has pioneered advances in defense, cyber and security solutions for air, land, sea, and space. Our innovations are based on extensive operational experience and understanding of evolving combat requirements. They enable the rapid development of effective solutions for complex battlespace challenges. Always ahead ‒ we ensure an ongoing advantage for our worldwide client base. We are dedicated to continuously enhancing our customer service, as well as expanding our global industrial cooperation program.

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