Lavochkin Science and Production Association (Lavochkin Association)

Product of State Space Corporation Roscosmos

ILA Berlin 2018

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42, Shchepkin Str.
Russian Federation

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Phone: +7 495 660 2323
Fax: +7 495 631 9900
ILA Berlin 2018

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Product description

Company: Lavochkin Association

Lavochkin Science and Production Association is a leading enterprise of Russian space-rocket industry. The main areas of activities of Lavochkin Association are as following:
  • Development, design, manufacturing, testing and launch performance of spacecraft (SC) for astrophysical and planetary studies and also for the Earth remote sensing;
  • Development, design, manufacturing and testing of orbit-injection means (space tugs, adapters and payload fairings);
  • Development, design, manufacturing and testing of unified platforms;
  • Spacecraft and space tugs pre-launch preparation at the Launch Pad;
  • Development and manufacturing of soft-and-hardware complexes for SC flight tests and SC control during the flight; ballistic support and flight of interplanetary missions and low-Earth SC using the Mission Control Center of the enterprise.
Nowadays Lavochkin Association is engaged in activities involving international cooperation with Germany, China, France, India, the Niderlands, Italy, Spain, on more than 25 international programs and foreign-trade contracts. The major ones among them are as follows:
  • Spektr-RG X-ray Astrophysical Observatory intended for for studies of the space objects in X-ray band. The SC is equipped with two unique X-ray telescopes: eRosita (MPE, Germany) and ART-XC (IKI RAS, Russia);
  • Exomars project, joint Mars mission program by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Roscosmos state corporation for space activities. Lavochkin Association is the Prime Contractor from the Russian side and responsible for Descent module (mission 2020);
  • Soyuz at Guiana Space Center (CSG) program: Lavochkin Association is responsible for adaptation of Fregat upper stage to CSG launch environment (flight safety requirements and tropical climate), as well as for manufacturing, delivery, mounting and operating of ground equipment required for pre-launch operations and launch of Fregat upper stage;
  • Piggyback Launches of Foreign PLs by means of Fregat Upper Stage:
    With support of the Roscosmos state corporation for space activities Lavochkin Association provides piggyback launch services for foreign satellites with insertion into target orbits by means of multipurpose Fregat upper stage designed by Lavochkin Association.
Lavochkin Scientific and Production Association major tasks are design and manufacturing of spacecraft for the Moon and Mars exploration including Luna-25 (Luna-Glob) automatic station, Luna-Resource orbiter and Luna-Resource lender, Luna-Grunt automatic station; Bumerang mission and Mars-Grunt automatic interplanetary station.