Battery Discharge Test Module CPI800

Product of ComPower Ltd

ILA Berlin 2018

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5258 Blomsterdalen

ILA Berlin 2018

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Product description

To ensure that batteries are optimal and free from faults, an annual test is normally performed, especially for critical systems. The CPI800 is a module-based test system for 24 and 48VDC battery banks that we have developed for offshore and maritime installations.

It feeds discharged power back to the mains with 85% efficiency. It is designed to simplify test and maintenance, as well as reduce the need for heat removal.
  • Plug and play connection system; for easy replacement of damaged modules.
  • The output voltage adapts automatically to the mains frequency and can operate with frequencies up to 70Hz.
  • The system is operated with a PLC and touch screen.
  • Proven in use since 2010