Autonomous Aerospace Systems

Product of Russian Export Center JSC

ILA Berlin 2018

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12, Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment, entrance 9
Russian Federation

ILA Berlin 2018
  • Aviation Aviation

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Product description

Autonomous aerospace systems is a company dedicated to development and production of modern UAS, flight control and communication systems. We produce high-grade devices thanks to our own full production cycle and quality control. Wide range of UAS were successfully developed and produced since the company was founded. Aircraft electronic produced by Autonomous aerospace systems is used to create a number of UAS, both plane and helicopter type. Our company is accomplished research and development work for Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.

The main feature of our UAV solutions is self-diagnostic capability for every UAS electronic component: navigation system, engine controller, servomotors, communication equipment. The second important feature is implementation of noise immune interface with specialized error detection protocols for linking the autopilot with all UAS electronic components.

Created solutions allows working with mobile robotic systems and unmanned aerial vehicles in particular. The formed ideology provides mitigation of lead time and price of creating new unmanned aerial vehicles.