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  • Key account manager Francisco Broseta

    Networker von Airtractor Europe s.l
    - Private operators - Fire fighting institutions - Aerial firefighting operators - Environmental organizations - Agricultural operators and pilots - Governments and Ministries -Aircraft and spare parts procurement. - Sale and installation of equipment.Pilot training. - Maintenance training. - Maintenance and technical support. - Consultancy on fire fighting and agriculture operations.
  • Alejandro Cuevas

    Ansprechpartner von Sun Aerospace S.L.U.
    Project Manager
    • Halle 3 402
    A real time monitoring and alert notification system called Vicenzo. This tool will allow you the state of your flights in real time. Vicenzo can be integrated in your actual systems and work together with them. Moreover you do not need to download or install any software on your devices to enjoy this amazing tool. If you are intested, please contact us in my email or visit https://sunaer.es/
  • Fidel Gómez

    Intarnational Services - Director of Industrial Department
  • Sun Aerospace S.L.U.

    • Halle 3 402
    • Aviation Aviation
    Sun Aerospace was born in early 2017 in Galicia northwest region of Spain near the northen portuguesse border. Its main activity is the design and development of equipment and software systems for aeronautic and aerospace sectors.
  • Pietari Valtonen

    Networker von Bohemian tales s.r.o.