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  • Jan Marsch

    Networker von OSM Buildings
    Remote Sensing, Building Recognition, Terrain Data, 3D Modelling, LIDAR Remote Sensing, Building Recognition, Terrain Data, 3D Modelling, LIDAR
  • Dipl. Ing. (FH) Michael Marschner

    Networker von tfc tools for composite GmbH
    Hersteller von Leichtbaustrukturen (2D und 3D) aller Art unter Anwendung von faserverstärkten Kunststoffen Entwicklung und Produktion von carbon- und/oder glasfaserverstärkten Kunststoffen. Wir fertigen je nach Kundenwunsch individuelle Komponenten vom Prototypen bis hin zu Serienbauteilen
  • Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Daniel Mazzucco

    Networker von ITK Engineering AG
    SW Engineering
    Businesses requiring support in the areas of Feedback Control Systems Design, SW Engineering, Verification & Validation, as well as Process Improvement / Consulting related to safety critical SW and Systems Development (focusing on EUROCAE ED-12C / RTCA DO-178C and respective supplements) - Developing simulation models of complex control system structures in Matlab / Simulink - Design of closed loop control law algorithms (e.g. for flight control system, actuator) - System prototyping, opti…
  • Edmund Meyer

  • UAV Specialist Niels Christian Moen

    UAV Specialist
    UAV manufacturers and networkers interested in hyperspectral imaging systems with real-time processing and detecting capability. Our latest product release is a scientific grade hyperspectral imaging system especially made for UAVs. Mjolnir-1240 is a generic payload which can be integrated on any professional grade drone with sufficient payload capacity (currently 7,5 kg for our VNIR system). We have developed a real-time processing software running on the on-board computer in the Mjolnir ca…
  • Dennis Moore

    Networker von SCISYS Deutschland GmbH
    Business Development Manager
    Open for interesting ideas | networking | space and especially satellite industry | potential collaboration partners | interested people who are conducting or planning space missions | We are a great partner for your endeavours! | Competence and experience in consulting | sophisticated and established software solutions | highly flexible | we will find a solution that works for you |
  • Maria Müller

  • Sven Müncheberg

    Networker von Mynaric Lasercom GmbH
    Head of Business Development
    Free-space optical laser communication for airborne, space and ground applications
  • Sales Manager Aerospace - DACH countries, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Russia Andreas Neugebauer

    Networker von TenCate Advanced Composites
    Sales Manager Aerospace - DACH countries, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Russia
    TenCate Advanced Composites is a leading supplier of thermoplastic and thermoset solutions for the Aerospace and Industrial industry. The thermoset composites from TenCate are used on satellites, radomes, unmanned aircraft, general aviation and military aircraft. TenCate also provides thermoset composites in high-end industrial and recreational applications ranging from oil and gas to prosthetics to sporting equipment. We provide thermoset materials with epoxy, BMI, cyanate ester or high-tempera…
  • Co-CEO Roy Neuman

    Networker von Mechano-Deen Ltd.
    OEM or Tier 1/2 aircraft structure and avionic subassemblies manufacturers seeking an experienced machined parts supplier. We offer low cost high precision machined items and sub-assemblies for OEM and Aerospace players. A qualified and mature AS9100D certified, highly advanced and automated manufacturing systems machine shop. Established proficiency and expertize in machining of Titanium parts. We currently deliver parts and sub-assemblies designated to numerous projects including Boeing 787, …
  • Liz Novoselova

    Networker von Aviation Week Network
    Account Manager, Aviation Week Intelligence & Data Services
  • Export Director Michel Oberlé

    Networker von APSYS - Airbus group
    Export Director
    Technical and Business partners collaboration with institutes and others In the different sectors where APSYS is involved – Aerospace, Defense, Industry & Energy or Transport - APSYS is supporting the major companies as well as their suppliers and regulators through solutions based on knowledge excellence on standards, process & product, consolidated by capability to design customized risk model software tool. APSYS also develops and markets specific software tools (SIMFIA ®, SIMLOG ® and…