UAV Specialist Niels Christian Moen

UAV Specialist
4.0 Ausrüstung, Triebwerke, Werkstoffe

Prost Stabels vei 22
2019 Skedsmokorset

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NEO/HySpex is a manufacturer of hyperspectral imaging systems for applications ranging from lab and field applications to airborne remote sensing applications on manned and unmanned aircraft.
Our company has worked in the field of hyperspectral imaging since the mid-1990’s, first on space and military projects and then later on (from 2005) with an increasing portfolio of commercial products, mainly for the high-end R&D and remote sensing market.

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    UAV manufacturers and networkers interested in hyperspectral imaging systems with real-time processing and detecting capability.

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    Our latest product release is a scientific grade hyperspectral imaging system especially made for UAVs. Mjolnir-1240 is a generic payload which can be integrated on any professional grade drone with sufficient payload capacity (currently 7,5 kg for our VNIR system). We have developed a real-time processing software running on the on-board computer in the Mjolnir camera. During 2018 we will be working with the real time detecting system for our cameras. That will open up for a wider range of use on long range UAVs. Some of the possibilities are detection of camouflage, vehicles, explosives, chemicals and illegal drug plantations in real time.