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Tupolev Aviation & Technical Complex and V/O AVIAEXPORT are successfully cooperating for many years in the marketing of the airplanes all over the world.

V/O AVIAEXPORT have sold abroad the following Tupolev aircraft: Tu-124 - short-haul jet airliner - about 20 pcs, Tu-134 - short-haul airliner - more than 170 pcs, Tu-154 - medium-haul airliner - more than 150 pcs.

At present time the designers of Tupolev Complex are working on the number of aircraft projects. Tu-204 is the most known of them. Tu-204 is a medium-haul airliner produced by Ulyanovsk based Aviastar JSC. The plane is under operation in the CIS and abroad.

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V/O “Aviaexport”, Public Limited Company, since 1961.

Aviaexport has been providing Russian companies with foreign trade services as follows:
- organization of wholesale trade in machinery, industrial equipment, ships and aircraft;
-arrangement of Russian aerospace enterprises participation in international air-shows and exhibitions;
-arrangement of insurance and customs clearance of exported/imported cargoes;
-ensuring of the legal support while executing the contracts;
-coordination of activity of the Russian parties in international projects.

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