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Sertan Gül

Networker von EUROAVIA Berlin e.V.

President of EUROAVIA Berlin e.V.

Telefon / Fax:
Mobil: 015121212021


EUROAVIA Berlin e.V.
Marchstraße 12
10587 Berlin


We are organizing an international event for aerospace students during the ILA and looking for cooperations, workhops and booth visits for the 26th and 27th of March.

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An air show is always a must-see for aviation enthusiasts and as one of the most important events of this kind on our continent; ILA Berlin Air Show becomes an attraction point, especially for students. At the ILA Fly-In 2018 we want to establish professional contacts between our skilled young engineers and the leading companies and representatives from the aerospace industry. We believe that cooperating with companies is an important part of education and therefore calls for an early preparation of students for this purpose. This cooperation is the aim of our organization and we think this event at ILA Berlin Air Show is an ideal step towards achieving it. The event’s contributors shall meet highly motivated participants who combine their technical knowledge with soft skills practiced in real life. They show experience such as project management and leadership skills multicultural and multilingual competence developed by actively partaking in and shaping EUROAVIA. Those who are interested in a recruiting session or an informal evening, ILA Fly-In 2018 offers the opportunity to meet our talented participants in person and discuss further involvement. Sponsors will be able to present their company and their projects to those students who will then spread the word to more than 2000 EUROAVIAns all across Europe. Stands will also be provided to allow short interactions with the participants during the event.


• Distribution of printed material that contains information about activities of the company • Opportunity to give a speech in our school to present the company to European students • Promotion of company’s career opportunities through the EUROAVIA network • Public promotion through our Website and social platform • Inclusion of the company logo on all public materials and deliverables prepared for the event (flyers, posters, t-shirts, etc.)