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SPIKE NLOS Missile Weapon System is a true force multiplier enabling engagement of targets up to 30 km in day, night and adverse weather. The system provides the upgraded helicopter with the unique ability to engage targets at significant stand-off range with no line of sight.

The SPIKE NLOS weapon system can be operated in either direct attack upon target detection using LOBL (Lock-on Before Launch) Mode or firing from stand off in automatic navigation mode based on operator or target acquisition system provided coordinates (INS navigation).
A bidirectional RF data link enables transmission of the missile seeker video image to the operator as well as real time updating or steering of the missile.

SPIKE NLOS enables defeat of high value targets, with pinpoint precision, accurate BDA and provision of real-time intelligence. This precision allows for engagement of targets in urban terrain effectively, with minimum collateral damage. The system can also be equipped with various warheads such as anti-tank, fragmentation and anti structural.

SPIKE NLOS is a perfect solution for Naval Helicopters, and the dedicated warhead can neutralize any target.

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Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.




RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. is synonymous with Dynamic Defense, Daring Innovation, and Technological Ingenuity. For over 70 years, the Company has pioneered advances in defense, cyber and security solutions for air, land, sea, and space. Our innovations are based on extensive operational experience and understanding of evolving combat requirements. They enable the rapid development of effective solutions for complex battlespace challenges. Always ahead ‒ we ensure an ongoing advantage for our worldwide client base. We are dedicated to continuously enhancing our customer service, as well as expanding our global industrial cooperation program.

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