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Raquel Rodriguez

Commercial Manager


Calidad, 6 PI Los Olivos
28906 Getafe Madrid

Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +34916010991


INSYTE (with 30 years in the market) specializes in the industrialization and manufacturing of electronic boards and assemblies for medical devices (IPC Classes 2 and 3). INSYTE offers a customized service to its customers: support for the design and manufacturing of their electronic products (latest generation means of production and quality control with 3D inspection and visualization at each stage of production). This offer is composed ofthe following services : routing, industrialization, prototyping, purchasing, manufacturing, testing, automatic varnishing and final integration. Wecan provide the necessary documentation for product certification and testing. Certifications: ISO9001, ISO9100, ISO14001 and for personnel IPC620, IPC610.

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Companies with needs of key-in- hand reliable products or key-in-hand assembled boards and harnesses for avionic applications