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Professor Wilmer Arroyo Alvarado

Networker von

Khronos Corporation

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Professor Wilmer Arroyo Alvarado

Networker von Khronos Corporation

Forschung und Lehre

Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +1 787-370-5865


Khronos Corporation
128 L, Ramey
Aguadilla PR 00603
Puerto Rico

Besuchstage auf der Messe

Mai 2020
Mo Di Mi Do Fr Sa So

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Khronos Corporation is a professional consulting business that provides services focused on building, customizing or restructuring the knowledge ecosystem required for companies, government agencies and organizations to strengthen, grow or diversify their operation. We are located in Puerto Rico in the Former Ramey Air Force Base in close proximity to the main presence of the Puerto Rico’s Aeronautics and Aerospace cluster. Our business activity is focused on business results, return of investment, performance, initiatives, value and exploration of new markets in the areas of knowledge creation and application in technical and scientific disciplines. and within the framework of a knowledge base socio-economic development model. Khronos Corporation value proposition is to provide our customers with the knowledge ecosystem that builds the foundation and enhances the potential for their growth and expansion beyond their expectations. We give our customers the assurance of compliance with the highest standards available and the possibility of exceeding global standards.