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Parvez Alam

Networker von

UCAL Fuel Systems Limited

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Parvez Alam

Head - Corporate Marketing
Generelle Aerospace-Dienstleistungen


Networker von UCAL Fuel Systems Limited

Raheja Towers, Delta Wing - Unit 705 177, Anna Salai
Chennai 600002
Tamil Nādu

Telefon / Fax:
Mobil: +91 9551076617

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UCAL have years of experience in Aerospace Design, Analysis, Manufacturing and Testing with world class infrastructure and manufacturing, in-house R&D facility and Dedicated Manufacturing & Assembly Facility over 248000sq.ft
UCAL has been servicing the defense organizations such as DRDO labs and Indian Navy as a part of Indigenous drive by manufacturing sub systems and also provide Design integration testing and servicing of Unmanned Aerial crafts for defense and civilian applications.

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Companies looking to subcontract Engineering services, Oil filters for aircrafts, Aluminium casting, assembly tools, jigs and fixtures.


Our area of expertise include Aircraft Sub assembly/Assembly tools, Jigs & Fixtures, Oil filters, Composites manufacturing, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, CAD/CAM, CFD and structural analysis.