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Norwegian Defence and Security Industries Association (FSi)


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Defense & Security
Defense & Security


P.O. Box 5250, Majorstuen
0303 Oslo


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +47 23 08 80 00
Mobil: +47 400 24 234

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The Norwegian pavillion by FSi at ILA 2018 presents 13 Norwegian Defence and Aerospace companies:
  • Axnes AS
  • Berget AS
  • CHS Nor AS
  • Compower AS
  • DSG Technology AS
  • Kitron AS
  • Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace AS
  • Nordic Shelter AS
  • Rheinmetall Norway AS
  • SAAB Technologies Norway AS
  • Thales Norway AS

FSis mission is to foster framework conditions for member companies to succeed in the domestic and global defence and security markets, thereby contributing to Norway's national defence and security goals.

FSi comprises about 130 member companies - a diversified group ranging from the major national defence contractors to one-man businesses, all with unique capabilities built on innovation and advanced technology serving both the military and the civil markets. About 85 per cent of our members are SMEs. Membership is open to any Norwegian registered company with commercial interests in the defence or homeland security markets. In our efforts to develop further and sustain a successful association, we encourage our members and other stakeholders to actively involve themselves in our affairs whether on a national or international level.

FSi is a focal point for foreign contractors seeking cooperation with Norwegian companies in relation to Norwegian defence procurements abroad and international collaborative programmes.

Our member companies employ more than 25,000 personnel, accounting for approximately 5000 man-years employed directly in defence-related activities. Turnover in the defence sector is estimated at more than NOK 13 billion (1.3 bn EUR/1,7 Bn USD) per year, of which approximately NOK 8 billion are sales to customeres outside Norway.


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