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The SEAL Family of naval ESM systems offers a wide range of solutions for various classes of ships, from OPVs (Offshore Patrol Vessels) and Corvettes to Frigates, providing different levels of performance depending on ship role (patrol, task force operations, etc...).
The ever-changing requirements of today's scenarios, especially in peace-keeping, law enforcement and EEZ (Extended Economic Zone) preservation operations, are demanding highly advanced ESM systems tailored to the installation constraints of even small size naval units, while ensuring high performance standards.
Present-day scenarios also exhibit a high signal traffic typical of today's wide use of electronic devices/sensors, as well as extremely lethal weapon systems that can pose a serious threat to platforms lacking the necessary threat intercept and location systems.

The different family configurations can provide:
  • Self-Protection function with the capability to automatically drive active ECM equipment (jammers) or passive ECM equipment (Chaff & Flares)
  • Tactical ELINT function for surveillance and specific law enforcement operations
  • Enhanced ELINT function ensuring the capability to detect LPI emitters and consent passive emitter ranging and location
  • NCW (Network Centric Warfare) features.

System Highlights
  • Capability to operate in a very high density scenario without performance degradation
  • Co-pulse handling based on very accurate differential time of arrival measurement based on an innovative wideband digital receiver technique
  • Detection of emitters with LPI characteristics
  • Detection and measurement of emitter side-lobes
  • Fully automatic real-time analysis and tracking of all intercepted emitters, both known and unknown
  • Fast and unambiguous radar identification, automatic fingerprinting capability
  • Automatic warning and identification of known threats/emitters, with dedicated and easy-to-modify libraries
  • Automatic warning of unknown lock-on and CW emitters (suspected threats)
  • Passive ranging and location
  • Available detailed ELINT analysis: MOP; AMOP; FMOP; PMOP; UMOP for fingerprinting, with data recording capability
  • Capability to automatically drive active / passive ECM equipment (Jammers / Chaff & Flares)
  • Multi-platform (airborne and naval) operational cooperation.

Product support

The SEAL family is fully supported by a complete set of product support equipment that includes:
  • Field test equipment
  • Ground support equipment
  • Automatic test equipment
  • Library programming
  • Library loading/unloading.

System Installation

Some examples of this family have been selected for medium and small size frigates and corvettes.

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ELETTRONICA GROUP, based in Rome, has been on the cutting edge of Electronic Warfare for almost 70 years, supplying strategic surveillance capabilities, self-defense and electronic attack systems for naval, airborne and ground use to the Armed Forces and Governments of 30 Countries. Privately controlled by Benigni family, both Thales and Leonardo own important minority stakes in the Group, which is composed by Elettronica S.p.A, headquarter leader in full EW capabilities, CY4GATE, specialized in Cyber EW, Cyber Security and Intelligence, and Elettronica GmbH, the German subsidiary specialized in EW signal processing design and production and Homeland Security solutions.


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