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Maximilian Funck

Networker von

BEE appliance GmbH

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Maximilian Funck

Business Development
Unmanned Aircraft Systems UAS


Networker von BEE appliance GmbH

Max-Prinstner-Str. 25b
92339 Beilngries

Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +49 8461 7058556
Mobil: +49 176 51763863

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BEE appliance offers unmanned and manned load carrying multi-rotor crafts with unmatched combinations of payload and endurance. Areas of application include but are not limited to missions which are currently performed by helicopters (e.g. lifting cargo, inspection and surveying with sophisticated optical equipment, crop spraying) at significant lower operating costs.

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Partners for first applications of heavy-duty UAS, customers who are eager to participate in an innvoative, cost-saving technology, investors willing to plant seeds in a frowing market with excellent market potential


Development partnerships, consulting for heavy-duty drone applications, joint projects, participation in flight test program