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Lajka Birkedal Hollesen

Co-owner and Partner


Plaza de la Solidaridad 12, Edificio Indocar, planta 5
29006 Málaga

Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: 0034663932486
Mobil: 0034663932486

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Localised Web is a translation agency that offers language services for many sectors including Aviation, Defense & Security and Space, and localisation of services, equipment, systems, manuals and text related web content including all areas of web and app localisation. We ensure the proper management of localisation needs for companies who seek a comprehensive and quality assured solution for localisation of their content. Localised Web offers a professional one-stop-shop for localisation. Our services are tailored to the client’s needs and our harmonised approach will benefit the clients in terms of more streamlined content that can be supported by language specific style guides and terminology databases according to the client’s requirements.

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Business partners, networking, knowledge sharing, new input and inspiration.


High quality translation and localization services for many sectors and areas with an emphasis on tech and new industries.