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Defense & Security
Defense & Security
Special Features
Special Features


Ben Gurion International Airport
Lod 7010000


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Telefon: +49 30 204597511

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Creating a Difference

IAI - Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd.
IAI is a world leader in both the defense and commercial markets, delivering state-of-the-art technologies and systems in all domains: air, space, land, sea, cyber, homeland security and ISR. Drawing on over 60 years of experience developing and supplying innovative, cutting-edge systems, IAI exports optimized, tailored solutions to customers in over 100 countries.

IAI employs its advanced and proven engineering, manufacturing and testing capabilities to develop, produce and support complete systems – from components, sensors and subsystems all the way to large-scale, fully-integrated systems of systems.

Intelligence Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR)
IAI delivers real-time intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance solutions for air, space, land, and sea applications. IAI's turnkey solutions cover the entire spectrum from tactical to strategic levels. These include Signal Intelligence (SIGINT), Image Intelligence (IMINT), Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) technologies, and day & night EO/IR systems, all implemented through integrated, networked and connected system of systems.
Positioned as Israel’s leading integrator for space technology, IAI has a proud legacy of dozens of satellites deployed in space. IAI develops and produces a wide range of cutting-edge satellites and satellite equipment, including observation and communication satellites, scientific/research satellite systems, ground control stations, mission centers, and launchers.

IAI provides a wide range of solutions and services for aerial defense from special mission aircraft and advanced remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) to precision guided munitions, multi-layered missile defense, upgrades for military aircraft and helicopters, and sophisticated C4ISR and navigation systems.

In the realm of missile defense, IAI has led the development of Israel’s multi-layered missile defense program since 1990, as the prime contractor for the Arrow 2 and 3 missile defense systems and provider of key sensors for other widely deployed air and missile defense systems. IAI is also leading the groundbreaking Barak-8 program, an advanced surface-to-air missile (SAM) that provides ultimate protection against a variety of aerial platforms, in both land and naval scenarios.
IAI develops advanced systems and capabilities for use by land forces, including state of the art battle management and communication systems supporting on-the-move broadband communications and integrated targeting and navigation technology for precision guided weapons. IAI also offers a wide range of combat support systems – from guided missiles to obstacle breeching, counter-mine, and counter-IED.

IAI offers comprehensive naval solutions ranging from integrated systems – including maritime radars, EO payloads, sensors, and command and control for vessels, helicopters and aircraft – to security systems, unmanned aircraft and unmanned vessels for coastal and offshore platform security applications.

IAI offers a holistic approach to cyber security that provides defense forces, governments, critical infrastructures and large enterprises with end-to-end cyber security & monitoring tools. IAI's cyber solution addresses all operational levels: intelligence, protection, monitoring, identification and accessibility.

Commercial Aviation
IAI designs and manufactures business jets, primary aerostructures and landing gear, servo control and actuator systems for major international OEMs, providing the full spectrum of services.


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