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Gmina Miasto Rzeszow - Urzad Miasta Rzeszowa


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Defense & Security
Defense & Security


Rynek 1
35-064 Rzeszow


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +48 17 8754100
Fax: +48 17 8754747

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RZESZÓW – Rzeszów is the largest economic, academic, cultural and administrative centre in south-eastern Poland. It serves as an important centre for aerospace, information technology, chemical, trade and service industries. It is a dynamically developing young people’s city.

The capital of Podkarpacie is home to a hundred and eighty four thousand people, one third of which are studying. This is why Rzeszów is called the "young people’s city", and these young people want to set up their professional lives in the Rzeszów metropolitan area in the future.

Rzeszów is a place that is highly valued by its residents in terms of quality of life. They openly acknowledge that it is a clean, safe and comfortable city, at the same time ensuring a stable quality of life and rewards from opportunities for personal and professional development.

This opinion is confirmed by a report published in the Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper "How citizens evaluate their city" in which Rzeszów ranked in the top five cities in the category of "quality of life in the city". Also in the poll "Where is it easiest to start an independent life?” the youth-friendly city of Rzeszów took third place.