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Gisela Behnke Nuñez

Deputy Trade and Investment Commissioner
Behörden und Organisationen


Networker von ProMéxico

Klingelhöferstrasse 3
10785 Berlin

Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +49 (0) 30269323401

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ProMéxico is the federal government agency responsible for coordinating strategies aimed at strengthening Mexico's participation in the international economy, supporting the process of exporting firms established in the country and coordinating activities aimed at attracting foreign investment.

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Investors, Business organisms, individual with business activity; international business representantives and investment services providers, companies with export potencial, export companies, importers.


ProMéxico promotes the attraction of direct foreign investment and the export of goods and services, as well as the internationalization of Mexican companies in order to contribute to Mexico's economic and social development and strengthen the country's image as a strategic business partner.

Mexico is an open economy that guarantees access to international markets through a network of free trade agreements. The country boasts a strategic geographic location and competitive costs to service global markets. It also has an important pool of young and highly-skilled human capital.

Mexico has consolidated itself as a global leader in the aerospace industry. Mexico is the sixth biggest supplier to the United States aerospace industry. Aerospace exports have grown 17% since 2004 which has generated more than 7 thousand 500 million dollars during 2015.