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Director Europe Marie-Thérèse BONFIGLI

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Director Europe Marie-Thérèse BONFIGLI

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111 rueDalayrac
94120 fontenay sous bois

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Ind'Avia is a new business platform deditated to promoting and developing business ties between Europe and India in the Aviation industry. SMEs seeking for valuable and long term business collaboration opportunities are offered a privileged access in terms of quality as well as in terms of conditions.

Ind’Avia gathers under its unique flagship the key stakeholders of the MRO and Aerospace industry in India. They have gathered under a single roof experts capabilities in marketing and legal issues, MRO business and network in order to guarantee the quality of their contacts.

For MRO Activities, two important dates to be saved:

* 3-5th October 2016 : Business Delegation in India

- Visit India MRO and network with the most important MROs of India

Prequalified B2B purchasing meetings with Indian MROs and Indian Airlines (Mumbai, Delhi and Nagpur)

- Visit Indian MRO Facility

* Seminars in presence of leading MRO industry captains, an Indian Airline on the occasion of MRO Europe Amsterdam

(in collaboration with leading European aviationclusters and Industrial associations)

- Paris (France), Germany, Amsterdam

- Prequalified meetings planned to be organized too.

A programme putting together leading Indian Airport Developers* is under construction and we expect to organize seminars in France, Germany, the United Kingdom and other European countries.

Seminars due to occur end 2016/ beginning 2017

* GVK, GMR, AAI, Indian States

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- MRO Suppliers and service providers
- Airport Suppliers and Service providers, developers and investors


For B2B Services, we offer the adjusted services of aerospace consultants to reasonable rates. They include: 1. Prequalifying phase
2. Expression of mutual interest
3. Roadmap Definition
4. Implementation