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Beriev Taganrog Aviation Scientific-Technical Complex is the leading CIS aircraft design bureau which during more than 60 years of its existence accumulated invaluable experience in developing, building and testing of civil and military hydroplanes.

Since 1934 Beriev Complex created more than 20 types of amphibians and flying boats. The best known among them are MBR-2, Be-6, Be-10, Be-12. The hydroplanes designed by the experts of Beriev Complex have set about 200 world records.
Be-12P is a fire-fighting amphibian which efficiency is proved by complex operations in many places. Be-200 is considered as the most efficient fire-fighter in the world.

Fire-fighting version is provided with four internal tanks with total water capacity of 12 tons. The water can be scooped from every water reservoir where Be-200 is landing. Thanks to its high-speed the amphibian can quickly reach the fire zone.

In the passenger configuration Be-200 is intended to carry up to 68 passengers or in cargo version up to 7 tons of cargo at the distance to 1100 km. Search & rescue, maritime patrol and ambulance versions are also available. Batch production is set up at Irkutsk Aircraft Manufacturing Association.

Be-103 light multipurpose amphibious aircraft is produced by Komsomolsk-on-Amur aircraft manufacturing enterprise. This 6 seater turboprop amphibian is intended for passengers and cargo transportation, ecological monitoring, patrolling, ambulance and other operations.

V/O AVIAEXPORT maintains close ties with Beriev Taganrog Aviation Scientific-Technical Complex.

Futher information: http://www.aviaexport.com/English/Partners/BE.htm

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V/O “Aviaexport”, Public Limited Company, since 1961.

Aviaexport has been providing Russian companies with foreign trade services as follows:
- organization of wholesale trade in machinery, industrial equipment, ships and aircraft;
-arrangement of Russian aerospace enterprises participation in international air-shows and exhibitions;
-arrangement of insurance and customs clearance of exported/imported cargoes;
-ensuring of the legal support while executing the contracts;
-coordination of activity of the Russian parties in international projects.

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